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The discount does not include the following items:
Excludes 205W39NYC, select apparel, select bags + accessories, fragrance, home + clearance

How to browse CALVIN KLEIN

1. Get and Install HOLA in Chrome Apps Store

iPhone Users can try to download  VPN Master 

2. (HOLA) After entering the page, change settings is shown in the upper right hand corner of the screen (please see below) , please help to select "Change Location" in the lower right corner and change to "United States".

3. Please open CALVIN KLEIN Official page ( Done.

Exchange Rate:
Rate: 1 USD = 8.1 HKD(Include all taxes and handling fees)

Product Price (USD) x 8.1 
x Discount + Delivery Fees = Total Amount (HKD)
Example: Price of a underwear USD$
20,20 x 8.1 x 0.7 + 45 = HKD$158

Type Delivery fees per item (HKD)
Small Item (Eg: Accessories, Hat etc.) $45
Sunglasses $50
Wallet / Watches $55
T-Shirt / Shirt $60
Short Trousers / Skirt $60
Long Trousers $60
Slipper $70
Thin Outer Wear $80
Small Bag $90
Thick Outer Wear / Coat $120
Low Barrel Shoes / Small Shoes $125
Trainers / Tall Barrel Shoes / Ordinary footwear $135
Big Bag $140
Boots $150
Others Request Quotation

*The table of fees above are all for reference only. All fees are subject to change and the fee displayed on the replied email is to be taken as final.

1. After selecting your desired items of purchase, please fill in the simple details of the order form and submit.
2. Patiently await for our email of receiving your order.
3. Please await for our customer service advisor to contact you via email to confirm your order details.
4. Upon paying for the goods purchased please email or WHATSAPP your payment details receipt to 1000FUN. Your order will be officially in place once confirmed receipt of payment.
5. SUCCESS!! You have now finally completed the steps and can sit back and wait for our email informing you to collect your goods.

*From the official order placement stage customers should expect goods to arrive within 16-23 days

For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us further on
Before purchasing, please take some time to read our terms and conditions, Thank you!

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