1000FUN established in 2012 , been selling in a number of local high-profile groupbuy webiste, such as : Beecrazy, Couppie, Yahoo! groupbuy. 1000FUN hope to build consumer's purchasing power , so that you can find some good deals on our website. 1000FUN concessions covering products in different countries. 

We hoping to help and assisting customers to a more hassle free, money saving, and enjoyable buying experience.
We strive to establish strong connections with logistics to ensure we get the best possible prices in terms of delivery, to pass on the money saving benefits to the customer.
We try to sell products at the lowest cost possible to the customers, no matter which continent or country you may want to purchase your item from.
Customer experience and satisfaction is our No.1 priority and we aim to deliver your wants/needs to wherever you feel most comfortable.

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